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Special Thanks To:



Groupon, Gold Level Sponsors

Past Participating Chefs:

Gale Gand of SpritzBurger in 2014

Priscila Satkoff of !Salpicon! in 2014

Hans Aeschbacher of Consultant in 2014

Michael Carlson of Schwa in 2014

Bill Kim of Belly Q / Urban Belly in 2014

Michael Lachowicz of Restaurant Michael in 2014

Michael Taus of Coppervine in 2014

Erik Williams of MK Restaurant in 2015

Rice Thomas & Kurt Guzowski of Tete Charcuterie in 2015

Daniel Kelly of Levy Restaurants in 2015

Judy Contino of Bittersweet in 2015

Marcel Taylor of C-CAP in 2015

Bill Dugan of The Fish Market Guy in 2015

Luigi Garcia Riva of Crab House in 2015

Allen Sternweiler of Butcher & The Burger in 2015

Kevin Cuddihee of Two in 2015

Peter Rios of Alliance Bakery/Patisserie in 2015

Ryan Sand of Bernie's Lunch & Supper in 2016

Matt Ayala of Cochon Volant Brasserie in 2016

Phillip Foss of El Ideas in 2016

Alan Yuen of Friendship Restaurant in 2016

Brian Jupiter of Frontier in 2016

Jonathan Fox of La Madia in 2016

Tony Priolo of Piccolo Sogno in 2016

Dave Samber of Polo Café in 2016

Victor Newgren of Smith & Wollensky in 2016

Edgar Coronado of Son of a Butcher Tavern in 2016

Jesus Delgado of Tanta Cocina Peruana in 2016

Johnny Anderes of The Kitchen Chicago in 2016

Kevin Cuddihee of Two in 2016

Nicola Copeland of C-Cap in 2015

Didier Durand of Cyrano's in 2014, 2015 & 2016

Past Beverage Donors:

Compass Wine & Spirits in 2016

Hand Picked Selections in 2016

Michael Corso Selections in 2016

Revolution Beer Chicago in 2016

Southern Wine & Spirits in 2016

Todd & Veronica H2 Vino in 2016

Virtue Ciders in 2016

World Wide Wine in 2016

Past Entertainment:

George LePauw, President of the International Beethoven Project in 2015

Cameron Pfiffner's Marco Polo in 2016

Simone Bisous & Friends in 2016

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