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The Million Dollar Dinners are a series of Fundraisers to honor one of Chicago’s most acclaimed and beloved Chef: Chef Charlie Trotter


With several Dinners & Fundraisers planned, Chef Trotter old & new Friends are coming together to pay tribute and raise funds

(of which 100% are donated) to build a Statue of the Founding Chef of Chicago Cuisine. Many of us have gone through his kitchen, many have wished to have work with him, and magically he has touched

the whole Hospitality Industry!


All participating Chefs, Pastry Chefs, Wine Companies and all Donors will be honored on a scroll to go along with the Statue.


Chef Charlie Trotter brought us words like Multi-Course Dinners, Prix Fixes, and Degustation. He found Chervil when no one could even pronounce it; Wild caught Saint Jacques, Micro Greens and Blown Sugar.  


Charlie, you have been a Culinary eye opener to most of us. We will never forget your inspiration & kindness. The culinary world will miss you FOREVER, but you will not be forgotten. This Statue built from our efforts will keep your legacy alive! We have raised $ 45,000 from the last Fundraisers, so we are almost there. All Participating Chefs & Pastry Chefs will be honored on a plaque to go along with the Statue!


We invite you to be part of this celebration of Good Food, Wonderful Wines, and Adoring Stories! A unique way to say

“Thank You Charlie for all you have done for Chicago

and the Culinary World.

Yours, the Chefs!

The Culinary Hospitality of Chicago & many Friends.  

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